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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

New Version of Battlefield 1 CTE Released On PC, Willmar, MN, USA

"Battlefield 1" newest update is now released for PC. The Community Test Environment is set to proceed to PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in the future.

New Version of Battlefield 1 CTE Released On PC, Willmar, MN, USA

DICE announced that a new feature for "Battlefield 1 is set to be released on PC sometime this year. The Community Test Environment, a branch of servers which contain game elements which are yet to be released publicly, is set to be coming to World War 1 shooter. This comes as no surprise for fans since the progenitors, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3, have had their respective CTEs.

DICE, via a post on "Battlefield 1" website, has stated that Battlefield 1's CTE will include "new features, improved/changed content, and experiments that aren't yet (and may never be) ready for public release." The conception is initially to involve the public much sooner in order to gather feedback from them and, consequently, to make the necessary changes in accordance with such feedbacks from gamers, before opting for an update for everyone. Other famous games like "Overwatch" and "The Division," are also set to have updates with their own testing servers.

DICE is set to release codes to selected community members and "Battlefield veterans" for admission into the CTE. The rest of the gamers can register for a chance to use the Battlefield Companion app on PC and mobile. Presently, the Battlefield 1 CTE is available solely on PC, though DICE hopes to expand the launch of the CTE to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ultimately.

As of this time, nothing remains confirmed. What is certain is that gamers can own the $50.00 Battlefield 1 premium pass in order to get into the CTE on any platform available. Battlefield's first paid expansion, "They Shall Not Pass," is scheduled for release in March this year. Earlier this year, DICE has revealed that updates come with four maps, expanded weapons choices, new modes, among varied features.

Announcement Microsoft Surface Before 2017 Ends, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Microsoft Surface - Because the Nokia Lumia smartphones are unpopular, Microsoft would instead concentrate on developing the Microsoft Surface Phone 2017. Reports indicate that Microsoft would announce the upcoming smartphone before the end of 2017, but officially launch the Surface Phone in 2018.

Announcement Microsoft Surface Before 2017 Ends, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Topnotch Gadget

The confirmation that Microsoft is developing its next-gen flagship came from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. The upcoming device, speculated to be the Surface Phone 2017, is apparently a top notch gadget.

Although previous rumors were that the Microsoft Surface Phone would be announced in mid-2016, because of the long period needed to develop a capable smartphone, the roll out would be moved to 2018, Smart Stock News explains. Despite the disappointment in the launch delay, the longer period for development indicates Microsoft is not holding back in developing its next flagship.

Similar Specs as Nokia Lumia XL

Yibada reports that the Microsoft Surface Phone would have similar specs as the Nokia Lumia XL. It is expected to sport a 5.5-inch screen with quad HD resolution, packing a display of 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is also expected to include Continuum support in which Surface accessories would be compatible with the Windows Phone. It would also have a Quick Charge 4.0 that would give the upcoming flagship five hours of juice by just charging the phone for five minutes.

To power, the next flagship is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 836 processor which would have 6GB RAM. The OS of the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone would be the Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 3.

However, Express points out that Microsoft is having trouble with its Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 3 OS which it plans to use on the upcoming Microsoft Surface Phone. The OS is struggling in comparison to the popularity of rivals Android OS of Google and iOS of Apple.